Victor Stereo All in one DVD model ux-qd70


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■ Body Amplifier section Practical maximum output 20W + 20W (JEITA)
Audio input / output terminal Optical digital input (PCM) x 1, Optical digital output (Dolby Digital / DTS digital output compatible) x 1, AUX IN (analog) x 1, Headphones (stereo mini) x 1
Video output terminal D2 x 1, S1 / S2 x 1, composite x 1
sound 3D phonic (3 modes), sound mode (6 modes), AHB PRO (on / off), BASS / TREBLE sound quality adjustment (± 5 steps each), auto standby
Display unit Rainbow illumination (14 patterns / crystal tray, volume ring interlocking), dimmer function (2 steps + AUTO)
DVD / CD player section
・ Compatible disc
DVD Video / Audio, DVD-R (Video Mode) /-RW (Video Mode / VR Mode), + R / + RW (Video Mode), Super Video CD, Video CD, CD-DA, CD-R / -RW (CD-DA, Super Video CD, Video CD, MP3, JPEG, WMA) (Note)
・ Video playback
Slow / Zoom / Angle / Resume playback, Chapter / Time search, Look back, Repeat playback (1 title / Chapter / 1 group), Program / Random playback
・ Music playback
Program performance (up to 99 songs), repeat performance (1 song / all songs), random performance, child rock
MD part DVD / CD → MD recording (5x speed only for CD), TAPE → MD recording, sound synchronized recording, recording level control function (when optical digital input), program performance (up to 32 songs), repeat performance (1 song / all songs) , Random performance, 5 mode editing function (for each song / group), stereo long-time recording / playback (MDLP), MD group recording / playback, MD title search, MD title reserve, child lock
Cassette deck Single recording re-auto reverse deck (for normal tape only), DVD / CD / MD → TAPE recording
Tuner section FM wide / AM synth tuner, FM30 station + AM15 station preset, external antenna terminal
Timer part 3 Program Weekly timer (wake-up / absence recording), sleep timer, wake-up volume
Power supply AC100V (50Hz / 60Hz shared)
power consumption 55W when the power is turned on (ON), 0.9W on standby (when the touch illumination is OFF)
Maximum external dimensions (W) 165mm x (H) 200mm x (D) 350mm
mass 5.1kg
■ speaker Speaker unit used 3-way bass reflex type (11 cm cone type / 4 cm cone type / 1.5 cm dome type), magnetic shield type
Maximum external dimensions (W) 140mm x (H) 231mm x (D) 207.5mm
mass 2.3kg (1 bottle)
(Note) DVD-R / -RW, + R / + RW, and CD-R / -RW recorded in video mode are limited to finalized ones.
Also, playback may not be possible depending on the characteristics of the disc and the recording status.


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